Commercial Building Stock Assessment

The CBSA provides building characteristic and energy usage data on commercial buildings in the Northwest.

In order to benchmark the region’s commercial energy efficiency work and support Northwest resource and energy efficiency planning, NEEA conducts a Commercial Building Stock Assessment (CBSA) on behalf of the region every five years. The CBSA is a regionally representative assessment of commercial buildings that catalogues characteristics and equipment impacting energy use.

On June 27 from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. PDT, NEEA staff will provide updates on the 2025 CBSA. This webinar will present information on the study's instrumentation, sub-sampling, billing data, location and timing for initial recruiting, and initial site sisits. This is the third webinar in a series that will continue throughout the course of the study. 

Please join to learn about the details of the upcoming CBSA and find out how to get involved!